Monday, May 5, 2008

FR 02-26-2008: Dude Where’s my Hat!

5 total phone numbers, 1 kiss close, 0 parking tickets, - 1 pimp hat :(
I went out to a friend of mine's 30th birthday party at Science Club, pink and black stripped pimp hat on, however the birthday girl ended up getting there almost 2 hours late. I was going to meet up with some of the other guys down on the Adams Morgan strip but things started to really pickup at Science Club so I ended up staying around there.
In the mean time it turns out there were 3 other 30th birthday parties there, one of which had the entire upstairs room. When I walked in I caught a cluster of IOIs from one member of a threeset I directly opened my target asking her about the 30th birthday party.
I built some rapport, lead her through some basic attraction and comfort level game and a pattern or two and then bailed to go look for others that were supposed to be part of my party. Then I went upstairs crashed the private party, opened a few other sets and then reopened the first woman I had met and got a number since logistics were going to get in the way of a first night close. She ended up texting me a few hours later while I was in set with another girl.
As the crowd built up and my friend of mine arrived I just bounced around the room and rolled from one set to another. Most of the time women would open me with the hat, or I would just go with a high- energy or situational opener and they would ask about the hat and I just rolled from there.
I had a three set where one of the women had done a report on Mystery and thought she knew all about the pickup artist scene. I blew them out to talk to a big titted brunette who is turns out is a promoter for some local clubs and was around when Mystery went to Tattoo last weekend. She said she had some PR contacts and we exchanged contact info.
Then a relatively petite woman opened me and immediately started gaming me, touching my arms and my chest and getting very close to me to speak. Every time I said something she liked she gave me a little peck on the lips. Then she started complimenting me on my body and how cute I was and then insisted that I must be gay. I finally got her off that topic, shut, just shut up and then putting her hand on my dick and firmly pulling her against me. Then she asked how old I was and said I must be lying, until I showed her my ID. Then she started trying to impress me by talking about she got her MBA from INSEAD and that her father is a billionaire but she apparently she's got some sort of job interview and openly tells that to guys she just met, hmmm. At one point I backed up toward the bar and pulled her with me so I was locked in, right in front of another group of women that had some attitude from earlier. It was funny to see them keep looking over, flashing IOIs that I just ignored.
Then one of the other set came over and wanted to borrow the pimp hatfor a moment. This set off some sort of an argument, as the woman who was gaming me did not want some upstart chick to move in on her turf. Then my friend the birthday girl, a long-time friend with benefits/ wingwoman, decided to help me out by adding some more jealousy to the mix by asking if I could take her home later. She’s a tall redhead with enormous breasts and a very sharp calculating mind who likes to play around. The other two kept arguing as my now 30 year old wing girl flashed me a quick smug grin and went back to mingling. She seemed pretty confident I would end up as another one of her birthday presents.
I gave my hat to the interrupting chick and the other girl goes right back to where she left off basically pressing me into the bar. While I was being gamed the other chicks ran off and stole my hat as I discovered a few minutes later. The bouncer told me they were actually running down the street. That kind of pissed me off for a little bit, that hat got me laid several times in our brief relationship but never fear, I've already ordered Pimp hat number 2. As a consolation, the other girl asked me out to lunch on Tuesday, she even used a false time constraint, "I'm busy with blah-blah business negotiation on Monday but how about Tuesday lunch. Let me get your phone number." Then 10 minutes later she asked me to call her phone so she could find it in her purse. I am amazed at how much of an effective challenge you can present simply by being laid-back with good posture and be non-effected and by reversing the frame, i.e. you're hitting on me, thanks for protecting me from those women over there, etc.
Fun stuff and of course the birthday girl ended up getting her present too.

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