Monday, May 5, 2008

LR 12-13-2007 Lucky Bar - The virgin intern

Night time casual bar scene: 30 Minutes from when we met to when we were heading home.

Last night I met at 9:00 I met up with Dare, Ignite and Strats and it would prove to be a very fun night out with the guys even before the end of the night. Dare got me with a text message about nailing a girl in the bathroom right before I walked in. McFadden's was packed, at least in part by a party for interns from the U.S. Senate and a lingering happy hour crowd and I was a little overwhelmed for the first couple minutes. I did a little pea cocking with my silver Heineken beads and some plain sliver mardi gras beads. In my experience women always ask about the beads, and sometimes open you, it also sets you apart a little bit from everyone else without being Mystery level over the top.

As I walked in Dare was already in set with a pretty cute girl with a nice body. As we walked over toward the bar I found Ignite and then Dare opened a three set of women wearing "I love DC" t shirts that people had been writing messages on. The lead woman in the group was from Ohio and just finishing a semester internship here in DC. This would be the first of many this night just finishing a semester internship to DC... Ignite was completely prepared for any Russian HBs with his communism red t shirt with that hammer and sickle, industry and agriculture all the way!

I moved on along with the rest of the crew, Sebastian jumped in with some coaching advice and said I needed gum or a tongue scrapper, always the boy scout Ignite was prepared to assist with gum. Oh, well at least juicing 6 cloves of garlic helped me get over a cold! Dare and Ignite opened several sets including some pretty hot chicks and I wondered over toward the foam party where I met up with a group of women including a set of identical twins of East Indian descent. The alpha girl of the group was ... you guessed it another intern from out of town with a hat pulled low over her eyes, I asked her if it was part of her disguise. Got some light kino going but then she and her friends were about to head home. So I grabbed a phone number and rejoined Dare and Ignite. Close: Me: We should meet up sometime, Her: well how are we going to that? Me: I could reach you by giving you a call I've had bad luck sending smoke signals lately.

Back with our group now joined by Tactile, I ran across the "I love DC Set" again. She said they were going out the next night for one of their last nights in DC and wanted to meet up again. So I got her number too, pivots anyone? They're going to be out in Clarendon tonight.
Next we piled 5 adult men into a spacious two door Mustang like clowns into a clown car for a quick jaunt to G'town. Mr. Smith's was pretty dead although I briefly opened a girl smoking outside, but she and her friends were about to roll anyway. Dare opened a two set from England. His girl was just in town for a week visiting the other girl. Then when we ejected Strats sarged them for a little bit while Ignite, Dare, Tactile and myself checked out another bar that was even deader than Mr. Smith's. Ignite and Dare talked to me about what to do with these interns heading out of town, what can we do when they're leaving. I believe I said something to the effect of it creates more urgency because there is no tomorrow, or maybe I just thought that would have been cool to say later on in the night. Tactile wanted to meet up with some friends at FrontPage and we decided on Lucky Bar.

At Lucky Bar I walked in to do a lap and see what was going on in there. At the top of the stairs for the second level I saw a woman with French braids, almost like Heidi in the classic novel and movie, sitting alone at a booth, pretty smile, smooth skin and some nice D cups. I just impulsively started talking to her and immediately got a cluster of (Indicators of Interest) IOIs (Indicators of Interest), blushing, smile, hair and slight vertical eye scan with pupil dilation. So I sat down and starting talking, initiated some kino (physical touch) by "warming up my cold hands" on her arm and then her neck and a minute later wrapped my arm around her. Initiate kino test passed. I then went to get some paper to do the handwriting analysis a nice A2 gambit and also gives a good read for things to use in your comfort and seduction phases. Strats obliged by finding a copy of the City Paper for us to use as scratch paper.

From the handwriting I got that she had a really high sex drive, was a rapid comprehensive thinker, had extreme attention to detail, was almost painfully shy and a logical objective thinker, cool under fire (vertical slant) "when other people freak out about the roof being on fire you say we don't need no water ..., but get out of the house damn it!" At this point I used the handwriting traits for some comfort building, and to tailor my approach. I gave her a quick playful peck on the cheek which she reciprocated. She said she was heading back to San Francisco tomorrow, because she was ... yet another intern about to leave DC. I said, I suppose we'll just have to make the most of the time that we've got.

We made out for awhile and she was a pretty good kisser with nice soft lips. I bounced her upstairs to the bench at the top of the third floor, however people started hooting and hollering up there, so I said let's go someplace more quiet as a test close while getting a horizontal eye scan from her. She wasn't ready yet just yet but was definitely on the hook so we made out back at the booth a little longer while a few camera flashes went off around us. I put her hand on my dick and she grabbed onto it. We kept kissing for a while, longer than I normally would, because it was hard to keep much of a conversation going since she was not very talkative and she was a pretty good kisser, even if she seemed to be a bit of a novice.

I went for another test close about 10 minutes after the first one. She said that she was ready to go, but she had to tell me something first...
"I know this bothers some guys so I just wanted you to know that I'm a virgin" in a very matter of fact tone. I shrugged and said ok, which drew a relieved look from her. "And its my period," same flat tone. I said "you’re on the pill, right?" She said yeah. "Light or no flow then?" She nodded. I added, "just so you I won’t do anything to pressure you into doing anything you don't feel comfortable doing, if you want to I guarantee I'll make it special for you. But if you’re ready to no longer be a virgin let’s go. This drew a smile from her.

Then she wanted to find her roommate to let her know she was going. After finally finding the roommate they had a discussion for about 5 minutes, I couldn't hear what they were saying but it looked like my girl was trying to reassure and persuade her roommate that everything was alright. My girl was completely sober but the friend wasn't. I started to realize how many women were around the bar, there were at least twice as many women to men on the second floor, but I ready to roll, so "c' est la ve". As she left with me she had this big grin. My friend is pissed because this time I’m the one leaving with a guy and not her.
Then I got the car and needed to give Strats his bag. I dashed in hoping that the cops weren't going to tow my car for being parked in the middle of an intersection and ended up dumping it on Dare, sorry about that bro, I owe you one.

So there you have it, 2 weak phone number closes and a quick take home close (about 30 minutes start to finish). And yes she was definitely a virgin, but it's a cool novelty every now and then and a good way to break a three week draught. I told her to walk in with the "stride of pride" for her Conservative Christian roommate.

We ended up hooking up again the next night early in the evening before she went out with her friends one last time before going back to California. I told her, "now that you're no longer a virgin, go out and have fun, own your sexuality." "But who am I going to learn from." "I said you will do just fine, call me some time if you ever want some advice." With that I gave her a book from my library to read on the plane flight home. One more alumni from my school for virgins that I'm sure I'll keep in touch with every now and then.

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