Monday, September 7, 2009

LR 082609 - HB Petite Brunette from Public

I was out with my coaching group after another seminar session. We then went on to the rooftop at Public in DuPont Circle for our infield work. Zengame, ElectroPussyMagnet and Magellan were all getting some solid hooks, including Magellan AMOGing a DC United player, ZenGame working a two set and ElectroPussyMagne amping tension with the chick who gave him road head after leaving the bar.

I was just about to go because I had a business networking meeting early the next morning when I spoke to ZenGame about a two set in the corner and he encouraged me to go in and open even though I was tired and ready to go. I opened by interrupting their conversation, used a false time constraint that I was on my way out the door and then sat down next to the woman I wanted to talk to. She is a petite brunette, Jewish GW student, 21 years old, fun, relaxed, chill vibe, a little bit too much eye shadow but I didn't hold it against her Smile.

Within 30 seconds of talking she became visibly more relaxed as I focused on sustaining a high level of eye contact, having relaxed body posture especially in my shoulders, matching and mirroring her movements and consciously slowing down my tempo and body movement. ZenGame comes in to wing and manages to successfully prevent the friend from having any chance of becoming an obstacle.

She asked me what I do and so I said I teach men how to “become irresistibly attractive to women.” She cracked up and said "what like the Pickup Artist?" I responded well sort of but different, (and then went into my bad boy/ good boy pattern)

It’s about becoming the kind of guy … you know because women have often told me that they have to choose between an exciting, adventurous, highly sexual, bad boy on the one hand (gesture palm up), who may also be a bit of an asshole and not otherwise be good for you (gesture down and away on the same side) OR a guy who is respectable, who you can really connect with, (gesture palm up) who might be kind of boring or not have the balls to stand up for himself (gesture down and away).

But wouldn’t it be great if you could find the best qualities of the exciting, sexual, bad boy (bring left hand in towards in front of me) at the same time as you find someone who you can really be comfortable with and connect with (bring right hand in front me to come together with my left hand). Now, isn’t it great when you can find that in the same person (self point) and look at him through those eyes.

This tranced her just a little bit, so I leaned back a little and spoke about my seminar experience from the past weekend. Then I used the blammo pattern sliding anchor to escalate a visual synesthesia amplifier of a peak experience. At this point the bar was closing so I got her phone number and started walking down the stairs with her. I was planning on going home, but then outside on the street her friends asked where they could find food. I ended up taking HB petite brunette toward the pizza place near 20th and P ST.

While we were eating pizza in DuPont Circle we ended up making out on the edge of the fountain next to a candle light memorial for Senator Ted Kennedy. I initiated the makeout first by gazing deep into her eyes, stroking her hair, massaging her scalp and then massaging her neck. Then I just leaned in and kissed her, cheek then turned to her lips and she started making out right then and there. I stood up so I could lean in and grind against her while she was sitting on the edge of the fountain. At one point she got scared that she was going to fall in the water, but so far so good.

Then I gave her a ride home to her apartment right across from the GW campus. Then I invited myself up to her place, “even though I have to get up early tomorrow, I don’t feel like going to sleep yet, perhaps I could stop by and check out your new apartment for a moment.” I parked on the street, knowing I was not going to be able to stay the night.

We went upstairs and as she left the car I discretely grabbed some condoms out of my glove compartment. Once upstairs one thing led to another but then she started to give me some token LMR. “The panties stay on” she said in a casual tone. I said “well how can I eat your pussy if you’ve got panties on?” This appeal to reason handled the objection just fine. I went down on her through and around her almost transparent salmon colored mesh panties and then just started pulling them off to expose a nice smoothly waxed pussy. She helped by arching her back so I could get them off, “well if you insist.”

After a few moments of oral on her I moved to get on top of her. She said but I’m not going to have sex with you. I just smiled, of course you’re not going to … imagine my thick cock plunging deep inside you … No, I’m just going to stay poised right, here (at the entrance). I rubbed up and down for a moment and then just plunged in with one stroke, no more protests from her Smile I consider this to be token Last Minute Resistance (LMR) rather than anything serious. Basically she was saying I'm going to give just enough resistance so I don't feel like a slut and so that I am a little bit of a challenge so that you'll value the experience.

Between rounds we were talking. She said “do you teach your guys to always sleep with a woman on the first night? It’s not the best way to start a relationship you know.” I smiled and said it’s the only way I’ve ever started a relationship … of any kind whether one-night or long-term. To me it’s not important when you choose to indulge your desires, but rather how powerfully you feel that magnetic attraction … now … with me I find that what’s really important is the power of that connection when you realize that you really appreciate this person’s company and realize that there is no judging, just pleasure … to the point where you want to enjoy it over and over again.

She then said “you are such an amazing person, I mean ooobbbviously when you started talking to me tonight I was attracted to you.” “ooobbb-viously” I responded back to her with a slight hint of mocking irony. “And when you invited yourself up here, obviously I was going to have sex with you.” “Ooobbb-viously” I responded, again mirroring her emphasis on the OB part of obviously. It was interesting to hear her talk through her process of interpreting, justifying and rationalizing everything into place so she could feel good about things. While it was certainly her choice and she was willing to own her sexuality, my lead helped her put some of the responsibility onto me.

After that we kept talking for a bit and it was good spending time with her even if I did not get any sleep that night Smile So there you have it, I've kept in touch since then and it turns out she really is a pretty cool chick with a pretty good head on her shoulders in addition to being fun and DTF.

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