Monday, September 7, 2009

LR: HB Strawberry Blonde 0618 - 062409

LR Thursday June 18 – the tall strawberry blonde

I was out with Dare and Horizon at Guarapo with the intention of checking out a meetup event upstairs and then a fundraiser at 18th ST lounge. After some drinks appetizers and good conversation to get into state we headed up to check out the scene and good general conversation. There was a about a 2 to 1 guy to girl ratio, but there was a steady flow of unattached women coming from the ladies room, so I wandered over that way and posted up along the traffic pattern. After some brief conversations with a few women that walked by I hooked one at about 9:30. She was a tall strawberry blonde with a big beautiful smile and a warm friendly vibe.

I opened by assuming rapport “hey, how are you” as if I already knew her. She is 5’11 strawberry blonde with a big beautiful smile and a very comfortable chill vibe about her. Without any prompting she said she knew me from somewhere, perhaps she had seen me at kickball or something, but I didn’t remember meeting her. Since it seemed pretty obvious she was already attracted to me I teased her back,
Me: “wait a moment we didn’t …“
Her: “what” she said.
Me: “I was going to say something but it would be so inappropriate a nice innocent girl like you would run away horribly offended.”
Her: Oh yea try me, it’s pretty hard to offend me.
Me: Ok I was going to say we must have hooked up,
Her: No, you would have remembered it,
Me: “Oh, so beneath that innocent look you’re a naughty girl then.” I stroked her hair down to her neck as I leaned in toward her.
Her: and I would have remembered you.”
Me: Mmm, why thank you my dear and held her hips with both of my hands (The mmm and hands on hips were anchors), and I think you are … 34C
Her: Yes, very good
Me: Thank you I’ve had lots of practice guessing cup sizes
She laughed again.
Then I went into a piece of a language pattern: Isn’t it interesting (weasel phrase) how you can sometimes feel that instantaneous connection (embedded command) with someone even if you can’t remember where you met them before but somehow already know them …, you know that feeling right there (solar plexus point on her) now, with me …, (self point) I find that it amazing how it can just happen just like that, (snap my fingers). She nodded along and smiled again.

I told her she was fun in addition to having a beautiful smile, and that she was passing my tests quite nicely so far. I told her as I see it the worst thing in the world would be to go home with someone and then discover that she is boring and bad in bed. She agreed. She inquired about the broken heart and I said yeah she moved away to tour the country as a model for a year but had some great adventures before that then I started describing how I met and seduced my ex (see hb redhead LR from about 2 months ago).

She said wow you are good, you cook and take a girl home in the morning? Well it means more rounds of sex and besides if it’s good you always want to come back for seconds. I call it my standard sex + plan. “So what do you like on your omelet?” She laughed and said whoa I can’t tell you that yet.”

I then described more adventures the mountain ledge, lap dances and the remote controlled vibrator at the Vegas strip club and fucking in front of a crowd at the Dark Odyssey sex conference. Yeah, it was great but its over now and she was kind of crazy too. She seemed quite intrigued, turned on, amused and confused at the same time.
Wow! “Yeah I know way too much info, totally inappropriate for someone I just met, but as you can tell I’m an open book and don’t think I’m ready to be back out picking up women so thank you for indulging me and listening. So now I am mending a broken heart, but at least now I know I have one.” I said this in a silly playful way, putting my hand over my heart and tilting my head in such a way as to put on a mock puppy dog look. She said “something tells me you will be just fine.”

“So now I analyze handwriting for every woman I meet just to make sure they’re not too crazy.” She obliged by writing a sentence or two for me. Its turns out hb Strawberry Blonde (HBSB) she has high sex drive, directness, honesty, creative methodical thinking, balanced emotional outlay ambivert and high self-esteem. I pointed that out to her and said “you just passed another test, very good.”

From there Dare came along and said he and Horizon were about to head to 18th ST lounge. She told me she needed to talk to her friend. He was a big guy but was clearly just a friend and had not tried to interfere the whole time I was obviously hitting on HBSB. It turns out he had to go home early but she wanted to go with us. I walked her across the street arm with cars coming and she looked a little nervous, so I twirled her around so I was on the outside facing the oncoming cars. “Ah, you are such the gentleman J walker …”

In the car she asked me, so are you over your nympho ex gf?
I said yeah, I’m getting there, but I’m not going to rush into anything. I’ve made some new rules, no women under 25 even for hookups.
She laughed and said, “well I’m over 25.”
Great! Things are looking increasingly good for you. You’ve passed the crazy test and the age test and the smile test.
She laughed again.

At 18th ST lounge we get drinks and talk even more. She appeared to be in a sustained trance almost the whole time, the perfect doggy dinner bowl look. I had her in my gold bubble, later changing it farther and farther into red. I noticed she maintained very high levels of eye contact just like I do, and I felt a very calm comfortable vibe with her. I told her I feel very comfortable around you, you have this great energy. She said felt the same way from the moment she met me. I leaned in a little and tilted my head about 45 degrees and she leaned in to match me. After about 30 seconds of kissing I lightly pulled her hair and then moved to kiss her neck, moving to the nape of her neck and then back to kissing while firmly holding her hips. I told her that we need a hard surface and led her by the hand to the wall and more making out ensued while grinding my right upper leg against her. She said people are staring at us. I turned around and saw at least half a dozen women looking in our direction from various parts of the room. I said let’s find a dark corner. We headed toward the couches between the main bar area and the outdoor deck.

On the way there I recognized a girl who once had a crush on me but that I never had hooked up with and introduced them. As we walked away I explained how I knew her to HBSB and she said that the other girl looked disappointed. “Yeah, I know. But what can I do?” I shrugged and halfway gestured around the room at all of the other women, some of whom had been looking in my direction. HBSB said “you certainly don’t have a problem with confidence.” I leaned in and
A couple got up just in time to give us their spot.

On the couches I started talking about how I had recently seen the Phantom of the Opera movie years after seeing the musical as a kid and rowing up listening to the soundtrack because my mom was almost obsessed with it. HBSB told me she had just gotten the movie as a gift the other day but not seen it yet. I then told her a little about the plot and about the competition between Raoul and the Phantom and spun a language pattern off of it. On the one hand (holding out right hand) you have a guy who is Mr. Perfect, childhood sweet heart, rich, handsome, smooth, everyone likes him and then on the other hand you have the Phantom with the disfigured face but with a completely entrancing voice and obsessively dark seductive intensity, but then he is also a murderer. She laughed a little, he’s a murderer, oh yeah the object of his affections found this to be a mild turnoff. I said of the two characters I know that I am mostly like Raoul, the guy you could take home to mom who would be Mr. Perfect, but like to think that I can channel the dark seductive intensity of the phantom or his amazing voice. So I was thinking wouldn’t it be great if you could take these two sides, (while holding out my left hand and right hand) and find them in one man, (both hands self point to my upper chest)?

It was now 11:00 but I felt like going. I said let’s go watch the movie. She said that her roommate had company at her house. So I said let’s go to my house instead. With that we left in my car and headed out toward Virginia to pickup her car and head to my house. Then I told her about my adventure on Roosevelt Island and we made a detour there as well. This time cops did not show and almost arrest us, like the last time I went out there in the middle of the night. So we made out on the island for a little while and then headed back to get her car and head to my house.

Then we went back to my house and great fun ensued. Unfortunately it was not a good time of the month for her but she pushed me down on the bed and gave me a very good blowjob with promises of more to come. Then we met up again last night and spontaneously went on a charity boat cruise that left from the Alexandria waterfront and headed back to my house for a nice way to end an evening Smile. So far so good, I think she’s got potential to be part of my rotation now that I am getting back in the swing of things again.

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