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LR Sat 7/18/09 – Tall Brunette feminist volleyball player

On Saturday night I went out in Adams Morgan for the infield portion of my weekend seminar after leading day 1 of my 2 day seminar where I described and then demonstrated some of the various techniques on a female friend of mine. The tentative plan was for our group to meet on the rooftop of Reef, so I got there around 10:00ish before the peak crowds arrived. I was leaning against the bar just sitting back working some non-verbal rapport around the room when I caught eye contact from HB tall brunette as she turned around and looked over her shoulder. Ah, ha got her. I waited a few minutes and then wandered over there.

I opened by acting like I knew her. "Hey! How are you, wow it’s been a long time, how have you been doing?" She and her friend looked like they were trying to figure out how they knew me. She asked how we knew each other and I said high school. She asked where I was from, I’m from Florida she’s originally from North Carolina. I ignored this minor difference in geography and kept going.

I asked her if she had seen any of my friends that I was looking for, many of which had been around for a seminar. From there I went into my main routine stack of seminar speaker/ sexual DHV stories. She asked me what I did and I told her I was becoming a teacher of communication skills to men who are developing their ability to communicate more powerfully with women and to learn sexual techniques to hone their talent as incredible lovers. “It’s about becoming the kind of guy that naturally understands women, the kind of guy you can really connect with (self point) and be attracted to (touch anchor on her shoulder) Then stacked onto the Instantaneous Connection pattern light, skewed more toward rapport and pacing.

Then I launched into the ex stories, which is starting to turn into a DHV routine and theme to launch patterns. I told her about how I met my redhead ex girlfriend at Brass Monkey and pulled her hair and smacked her ass. I told her about the seminar in Las Vegas in January and how the ex had a lap dance with two strippers while I flipped a remote controlled vibrator on and off. How we had sex in front of a crowd at Dark Odyssey, and more. HB tall brunette appeared shocked, oh my god, you’re so sexual. “Do you tell all the women you meet about this stuff?”

I said yeah, pretty much, it’s just part of who I am, I don’t see any reason in hiding it or trying to go out of my way to act polite and appropriate. It’s more fun for me to test and see how much a woman can take. I’d rather scare someone off right away than have them linger here in meaningless small talk thinking I’m someone else. And, honestly after just getting out of relationship I don’t give a damn anymore, the last one will be a tough act to follow, and it’s good being single.

She appeared shocked once again, but said ok, I guess that makes good sense. She was a redhead too? Wow, that’s hot, it must have been intense! My last boyfriend was a ginger like you, those gingers … She paused a little. I can’t belief this, you’re so confident. I’ve never met any guy who talks like this.

I said so what do you make of it? You seem pretty comfortable. She had open body language, and her arms were down at her side.

She said yeah, I don’t feel uncomfortable but you are so different than any guy I’ve ever met before, I’m trying to get used to this. You’re so sexual, but I feel comfortable around you too, this is weird, Who are you? I gave her another touch anchor, ah isn’t it great when you can meet someone who is very sexual (gesture with right hand palm up), and that you can feel comfortable with (gesture with left hand) in the same person (both hands point to self).

At some point, Mad Maverick came into the picture and engaged the friend, it looked like things were going very smoothly so I just kept going. HB brunette’s phone number pulled out her phone and noticed that her battery was dying. I told her that she should get my phone number before the phone died. So I pulled out my phone and dialed her number. Then we went back to talking.

From there we got onto talking about jobs and where we were from and such. She is a woman’s studies major interning at a feminist lobbying organization for the summer before her final semester of college. I teased her for being younger than my little sister. Also might work a peace corp-like job in Africa that would involve extensive travel. She is 5”11, Venezuelan decent, straight Spanish ethnic heritage, nice ass, perky average-sized breasts in a loose top that did not show them off. She asked about my background (Irish and Germanic) her face lit up as sh said oh, you’re a “ginger” with my reddish hair, apparently her ex was also a “ginger” too, so I’m her physical type.

I told her I knew several women who could be described as feminists including some of my longest time girlfriends. I talked about how it was great how most feminists were now pro-sex feminists as opposed to the ones a generation ago.

She agreed, yeah feminism is pretty much all pro-sex now. I spun into a pattern about isn’t it great how women can now be empowered in their sexuality to choose what they really want to do (self point), for reasons that are no one else’s business except her own. She nodded.

I said and that is the type of thing that guys like myself have learned and are discussing with each other, how to get laid in a way where we understand that women can come from a place of sexual empowerment. You see I think many guys (gesture away) think that women always are looking for a committed relationship or a guy that might want to marry. But my recent experience from my former girlfriend is that women, especially when they are right at this age, just graduating from college and maybe a year or two after college are not necessarily looking for Mr. Right, they want to do things before they settle down and have a family. However that doesn’t mean a woman doesn’t have needs, and doesn’t want to be with a guy that understands where they are at in life and can give them a really good fucking (self point, and fired off anchor on her arm again).

I got a shocked look from her again, you’re so sexual, I don’t believe this (with a smile) … Wow, it sounds like you really understand women.
What can I say, I’ve have my share of experience.
Oh, my god, (playful punch) there you go again, you’re so sexual, everything about you is sexual. How many women have you been with? I shrugged. She said I’ve only been with 5 guys ever, and two of them were relationships that lasted longer than 1 year… That lead to some more conversation.

I responded: there has to be another option out there between serious relationship and one night stands for the woman who doesn’t want to be tied down in a relationship but still wants to get some. That is what enlightened men are starting to realize, we’re out there. I like to call it my friends plus plan, you should apply you would be a great candidate :)

At this point I was getting a little restless and wanted to get a drink so I left and said I’d be back with shots. The women drifted around and then at some point Faz engaged them and had both of them for about 5 – 10 minutes or so. Then I came in and re engaged them and went back to the brunette. I went back into the sexual cocky funny routine, laced with some pre suppositions. When we do it we’ll have a great time (I nodded). And you don’t have to imagine what it will be like as you feel my thick cock sliding deep inside you ...”

At some point HB brunette wanted to do another shot, I said ok, this time it’s your turn to get drinks for us as I gestured toward Faz and her friend. She agreed and went to the bar with her friend while Faz and I stole their seats and talked, things were going very well for him. When they came back we kept their seats. Faz’s girl ended up sitting in his lap while HB brunette ended up facing me between my legs while I firmly held her waist and we made out a little bit. She wasn’t going at it with the same level of enthusiasm as her friend, so I teased her you’re such a delicate kisser, it’s cute. She said that she didn’t want to be too crazy in front of the whole bar (and possibly her friend who was right next to her). I worked my way down her neck and to the back of the neck, pulled her hair a little. Then I gave her ass a playful smack, once again she said you are so sexual.

HB Brunette said you seem like you could have any woman you wanted, why did you pick me? I told her she looked over her shoulder and gave me eye contact so I started talking to her. She said that she looked over because she could feel me looking at her (the non-verbal rapport worked even though she wasn’t even looking at me). I shrugged and said, I guess it was your lucky day then . She also said she felt kind of intimidated, how can I keep up with you, you have all of this experience. Well you’d like to learn, right? Let’s just relax and be comfortable and you can learn a few things to take back to college with you.

At some point my female friend that was at the seminar on Saturday stopped by and we briefly chatted. She was going to Madams Organ, I thought about bouncing our two set over there to meet her. Then HB Brunette got a text message about a party in Rosslyn. I tried to arrange the logistics, I knew the girl I was with was probably DTF and it looked like things were going pretty well for Faz and his girl. I told her that we could drive them there, she could come with me and her friend could go with Faz. She nixed this idea, so then I said the two of them could go with him and I’d meet them there. She nixed that idea too, I don’t know if she wants to go with him, (while her friend was sucking face with Faz like she was giving her CPR). I was about to call out the bizarre irony, and about how she was deflecting this situation onto her friend because she didn’t want to look like a slut in front of her, but I kept my mouth shut. She then said to call her later about 2:30. At that point they left and Faz and I went back out looking for the other guys. The girl Faz was talking to gave her phone number before he could ask.

Epilogue and getting laid
After lingering on the Adams Morgan strip for a little while longer, I called her at 2:30, went straight to voicemail, her phone battery must have finally died or she was underground on the metro. She tried to call me back around 3:30 but I was passed out asleep after a long day a. I called the next day to invite her to the seminar and lots of talking, we exchanged text messages and then talked Monday night to arrange a meeting for last night. She

drove over to my house totally DTF and she pretty much jumped me, but she couldn’t stay the night since she “had to get up early and couldn’t stay the night because she had to give her roommate a ride to the metro."

Lessons learned:
  • If you set a challenging frame high value frame where you are qualifying her, you can be totally inappropriate and use stories of sex with other women as DHV stories and opportunities to introduce ideas and embed commands at will.
  • If you set a very obviously sexual frame from the beginning you can eliminate the possibility of any last minute resistance and she will f close you.
  • You can be very sexual while still controlling the frame of the interaction with her if you own your sexuality as part of your identity and she is convinced that you are someone she could learn from and would have a great experience with.
  • Two set logistics can be tough, but if focus on developing a powerful attraction/ connection and seed the sexual interaction between you two will propose a solution i.e. call me after I get back from the bar with my friends and tuck them into bed., or I’ll stop by your house sometime.
  • When a woman is talking about what she thinks her friend thinks, it usually has more to do with her own agenda.
In this case I don’t know all that was going on with Faz and his girl but there appeared to be a high amount of rapport and romantic/ physical attraction. I think my girl just didn’t want to look like a slut and wanted to find a way to isolate with me without her friend and roommate knowing about it. The only way to do that would be to go home with her roommate and then sneak out, which she would have done if she hadn’t called back to find that I was already asleep.

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