Monday, August 10, 2009

There's no such thing - human emotions happen with a structure and form

There’s no such thing. Love, lust and all human emotions are processes

Important concept from NLP all human emotions are processes . Almost Zen like concept, people are dynamic with ongoing processes and dynamics.

Emotions have a structure, order, flow. This is why things can be one way and then people change. The relationships can be really great but then things change because people are dynamic

How do women create emotions? Internal representations
Visual – what she sees in her mind
Auditory dialogue – what she says to herself
Auditory spoken – what she says out loud
Flow of internal sensations – physical and emotional

Seduction is like a recipe
- right ingredients
- actions
- proper sequence
- proper proportions

Key questions:
- What emotional states do I want attractive women to experience with me?
- If the only emotions she experience around you are casual comfort and enjoyment, you wind up being her friend.
- If she only experiences lust, arousal, desire, she may scare herself out of the seduction.
- Need balance

To get different results ask yourself different questions
- Einstein theory of relativity

Chumps vs. Champs
- Chumps dating frame
How can I get her to like me?
- Chumps questions assume
Focus on behavior vs. emotions
That a “date” is the best (or only) method to find a suitable sex partner
That he must be the “supplicant” and seek her favor, try to win her over, outcome is largely a matter of chance “get lucky”
Dating frame was never designed for you to win

Having true choice involves captures and leading her imagination and emotions
Using your words and your communication

Dating can actually get in the way of her sleeping with you.
That is because she has a check list of social and other qualities she is going to check against.

It’s never about where you take her or what you spend
It’s about how you use your language (and what you get her talking about) to capture and lead her imagination and emotions.

Anything that happens outside of someone’s conscious awareness has a very hypnotic effect and it is not resisted. When you trigger these processes to trigger her attraction processes it happens outside of her conscious awareness

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