Thursday, October 23, 2008

LR: 05-09-2008 - A Virgin at a Kickball party?!

I went down to the kickball mid-season party for my players in the league and select guests. Upon entering I said hi to one of the redheads that I have been seeing once a week as an FWB for the past month (Platinum member of my friends plus plan). Per our mutually agreed upon non-exclusive arrangement, neither one of us has told anyone in the kickball league and agreed there would be no PDA and we would not go home with each other since we already had an arranged date for Sunday night.

Later I wandered around the room and said hi to hb redhead from last week’s police chase adventure. Per our agreement no entirely gratuitous displays of affection. I hung out with one of my pivots who asked where my wingmen were the previous week. Her good friend, tall thin flirty brunette danced with me and gave me a kiss or two, and double checked to make sure I would be her “cabana boy” for her party the next weekend. Apparently my job as “cabanna boy” would be to massage sun screen on them and man the grill for tips. I actually ended up getting over $100 in cash plus some non-cash tips too J but that’s a different story…

Later I wandered around and greeted a cute redhead with an enthusiastic hello, hug and a kiss as if I had always known her. She had pale blue eyes, was about 5’6, average body type 38C, fun playful vibe in a Mardi Gras mask. It later turned out I had spoken to her a couple times before, she often wore thigh-high stripped stockings with her team’s colors on them. Sometime we started making out and I held her firmly against me, I saw flashbulbs go off so perhaps I’ll make it into the gossip column for our newsletter (so much for being discrete).

This time I used very little pre-scripted game, I guess you could call it my version of natural kickball social game, where I have a very playful and flirtatious but not overtly sexual, challenging or goal oriented intent. Basically I have no agenda, just being present in the moment. However I have learned that with that intent, if I pay attention to the cues of the women in the room I can almost always attract some women willing to jump for a good opportunity.

As the kissing subsided for a moment we talked and I learned that she had graduated from a college I attended my first two years before transferring to a college here in Washington, DC. We exchanged some stories and I told her about some of the crazy parties we had including the ones where people showed up naked. It turns out that she had some friends at the Womyn’s Center (yes women with a y) the on-campus feminist colony where most of the women were openly lesbian, had tried to recruit her. She assured me that she liked guys, so I asked her how did she know when she was sexually attracted to a guy, what was the first feeling she got on the inside? She told me she didn’t know because she’d never been with a guy before. At some point around this time she pulled back her mask and I could see her face.

I was surprised, she was 25 almost 26 years old, had gone to a left-wing liberal arts college yet was still a virgin? She nodded and I asked her why, did she have strong religious beliefs against it, did she believe that she should wait until marriage? What was her reason? She kind of shrugged and said well I guess I’ve never been comfortable enough with a guy before and that some guys would get weird after she told them she was a virgin. I told her it was ok that she was a virgin and that I had experience being the first time for many virgins before, that I was gentle and wouldn’t do anything that she wasn’t comfortable doing. I added that in my experience I had found that each one of them could find their own reasons to do what they really wanted to do, for reasons that were no one else’s business but her own, its like you just need to trust this feeling (solar plexis point). Then I said so if you were to feel attracted to this guy (self-point) touched her and also feel comfortable with him, self point to my solar plexis, would you want to have sex. She nodded, said yes, very innocent look on her face. Then I said why don’t we go someplace more quiet more private, doesn’t that sound good? She nodded again.

With that she briefly talked to her friend, they said their good byes. I took her hand in mine and then I drove her home to my place… . Irony on Sunday night I learned that my FWB on Sunday night accompanied the girl’s roommate home, she was unwittingly also my pivot.

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