Thursday, October 16, 2008

LR 03-08-2008: Catching a Cougar

Saturday night 3/8 LR

Background from Friday 3/7 FR

I was outside with Strats and some guy who is part of the ask romeo group. We talked business and compared different styles of pickup and then a cute brunette, slightly older but with a really nice ass (HB Cougar) approached and asks about the red and black snake skin cowboy hat. She has been a ski instructor before and is a bicyclist. So I said you must have a really really nice ass, so I grab it and check out the goodies, and then voice my approval. She said she is married and showed me the ring but she asked me to dance and led me out onto the dance floor where we make out and I pull her crotch right against my right upper thigh while holding onto her hips firmly and kissing her neck, including the nape which rapidly ramped up her horniness, thank you Sir Mix A lot and Bell Biv Devoe (That Girl is Poison). She checks me out feels my arms, chest and ass. It turns out she was only going to be here for the weekend, which is very good in my book because I have urgency and a time constraint to use as leverage when setting the frame. Her friend finally pulls her away, I swear if guys could just pickup all the jealous friends standing alone while their friend grinds away they would never even have to do their own approaches J. We exchange phone numbers and talk about meeting up during the daytime on Saturday.


She called at 3 AM on Friday night/ Sat early AM but apparently my phone was set to ring and not vibrate so I didn’t hear it and didn’t realize she’d called until later. When I spoke with her the next day, it looked like daytime wasn’t going to work so I told her to meet me out on the Adams Morgan strip. Her friends and her ended up starting at Old Ebbit Grill next to the White House and then stayed there. In the meantime the girl that I picked up from Lucky Bar in less than 30 minutes back in mid January was texting me, trying to get some. She’s on my shit list for various reasons, so I let it dangle.

HB back calls at around 3 AM right after I had dropped off Dare and Natural and another guy near McFadden’s while I was giving Fate a ride back to his apartment. I drop by and there are two guys two girls. My target comes up, hair more reddish than I had thought, a little bit older but still pretty good and gives me a hug, completely ignoring some other guy she had been talking to in a Navy uniform. I make out with her, pull her close and give her big booty a smack. I wanted to remind her of where we were at last night. Her friend is talking to a guy who looks sort of like Emmitt Smith, who seems to have decent game and seems to have the other woman intrigued.

“Emmitt” knows some after hours place where we can drink over in Chinatown. I tried a test close to get HB Back to go with me, but she wanted to hang out longer with her friend. Upstairs in a private dining area of a restaurant in Chinatown we hangout and the other guy hooks all of us up with food and drink. HB fuck buddy from Lucky Bar in January that had texted me earlier hits me back with a vague, “what’s going on?” While my woman is waiting for the bathroom her friend talks to me and says that she is so glad her friend met me, that I’m hot and that it was good for her ego and that younger guys are better in bed and that I seemed really great. So of course I was just eating it up. As we were talking she spoke of a young military guy that she picked up and said “yeah I’m a cougar,” I jokingly did the cougar claws and said “rar” for effect. I pattern some things back to her about how women get better at owning their sexuality as they get older and stuff like that. The friend was now totally in my court.

Later my woman and I bond, it turns out she is very smart and took college math classes starting in 6th grade and now runs a bike shop and comes to Washington periodically to lobby congress to offer employers transportation tax credits as part of the energy bill. She and her friend were party girls and still are.

Later its time to go and the friend closes me, you’re coming back to the hotel room with us, right? Once there I head up to the hotel room but then find a way to bail after the other two get naked in the bathroom and stumble out onto the bed, right as I’m about to take off my woman’s top.

She asks, “why me,” and I realized that I had never bothered to qualify and validate her. I told her that it had been awhile since I had been with a woman that was not right around my age range or younger so the novelty was interesting and that I thought she was hot and had great energy. Then I said I need to go home, because I was miserable, between blue balls and IBS symptoms that I have that tend to act up when I’m out drinking, but she was welcome to come with back to Virginia. HB cougar and her friend have a “pow wow” in the bathroom while “long dong” who is lying naked on the other bed waiting for his chick to get back. I think it centered on whether the friend was ok being with the other guy and on whether or not my woman was actually going to go home with me or not. Perhaps the friend gave a little extra nudge, but I felt the rapport I established earlier definitely helped in this case.

They come out, the friend wrapped in just a towel, she ends up topless on the other bed, I had to restraint myself from grabbing and nibbling on those tits. Finally 7 AM and we’re heading back home while the first lights of day are starting to break. I casually say something like those two look like they’re going to have fun and she says that her friend has restraint. Hmm, naked in bed with a guy and nothing’s going to happen, gotta love chick stories, the funny thing is her friend really didn’t seem to care what other people would think.

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